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Singapore School Project

A pilot run of the Singapore School Project took place in 2011.

It was an innovative programme that integrated creativity into schools through process and content, using the tools of performing arts to teach. The project was inspired by an education programme introduced at Linz09 in Austria by Airan Berg, when Linz was selected European Capital of Culture in 2009.

Since its inception, ITI has always stood for the highest standards of theatrical training and education. The ITI approach has been to reach for highest possible competencies in technique, discipline and artistry in acting and in theatre-making. Prior to holding the Singapore School Project, ITI’s focus was solely on adult, professional theatre practice.

With the Singapore School Project, ITI aimed to bring these values, standards and attitudes to children’s and young people’s theatre as well, with suitable and appropriate modifications, so that the young could experience the power of creativity as part of their learning in school. In particular, ITI aimed to bring the immense educational benefits of sound and rigorous theatre training to students in Singapore, to make a difference in their lives.